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Paper internet, cracktros and Kermies.

July 2nd, 2008     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

There’s a big fat post coming on open source and free software, but damned if I’m going to let the calendar get the better of me and miss a week.

And so… Via BoingBoing: The Paper Version of The Web A collection of the doodles that spawned some of the web’s more ubiquitous networking sites like Twitter and Flickr Places. That’s a small version of a Flickr Places sketch below (click to embiggen):

Via the PS3 store: The Linger In Shadows Teaser Trailer

Trippy “interactive art” coming soon to PS3s. And I quote “(t)he demo itself follows the ‘story-demo’ genre, revolving around a cat, a floating dog, a strange mechanical tentacled creature and a cloud of darkness”.

Linger in Shadows is the latest (and Sony-sanctioned) incarnation of the demoscene genre, which got its start as 8-bit hackers’ signature intros on cracked software.

Like this Eagle Soft logo:

Which, if you ever had a Commodore, might look awfully familiar.

Removing copy-restrictions from software is pretty topical actually, given the impending doom that is Bill C-61.

Finally, via Mental Floss: The Origins of 10 of Your Favourite Muppets Alright, Uncle. This last link’s not Wired. It’s just here because Stacey May, Mir and Anna have me nostalgic.

Hmmm, tenuous explanatory connection. Okay, muppets are “wired”, but in a more literal sense. Muppets. They’re not quite a mop, they’re not quite a puppet, but man, when they…


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