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picks from planet venus - the inception

August 9th, 2007     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

In addition to my regular blog duties, I’ve decided to start having a weekly feature called Picks From Planet Venus. As some of you may know, I work on a radio show called Venus on CKUT 90.3 FM here in Montreal, which gives me exposure to a lot of killer music by women that, due to the bloated mass that is the music industry, gets far less attention than it should. So every Thursday I’ll be introducing you to a new independent female musician, most likely from hereabouts or not-so-far (though exceptions will be made for the truly exceptional). Maybe one day I’ll actually be able to post tracks for you to listen to, but for now I’ll make sure to at least link to a site where you can find out more on your own.

And for today’s pick…

More people should know about the mini-ukelele. It’s one of those instruments that your grandma probably played because it was considered delicate and ladylike, and its shape isn’t quite as suggestive as a guitar or (va-va-voom) cello (plus that whole thing about grasping it between your legs… yowza). In the hands of Sarah Mangle, the mini-uke becomes something in between a thumb-piano and a banjo - sweet and small and slightly goofy, like a little cousin practicing dance steps when they think you’re not looking. Listen to her track Camped Out with your eyes closed and be buried in late-autumn leaves and dreams of snowdrifts. Maybe I’m glad not everyone knows about the mini-uke - it makes Mangle’s songs all the more unique.

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