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October 9th, 2006     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Emily Schultz, former Broken Pencil editor and Joyland author, has a fantastic and innovative new writing project on the go, in collaboration with Toronto’s AGYU. The endeavor confesses that writers are indeed thieves, but rather than admitting this tactic as fault it instead fully embraces the fine art of stealing. Via the internet, Schultz asks the public to donate their undocumented moments for her own final creative product.

Here’s how she describes it on the Pledge Me site:

“Writer? Or thief? I steal from just about everyone who crosses my path. But my fear is that someone, someday, will recognize a very familiar description, moment, or trait that has cropped up in my work. To avoid a fingering from those who don’t wish to be stolen from I’ve created this website. I’m asking YOU to Pledge Me: stories you’re not using, moments gathering dust, or obsessions that don’t fit anymore. What you don’t need will help someone in need.

Your anonymous donation will be incorporated into a brand new work of fiction along with the memories and stories of other donors. The final product created from these donations will be published on the AGYU site for all to enjoy. Pledge now, and help keep fiction alive.”

The web launch of Pledge Me happened at AGYU on the 30th of September and was AGYU’s contribution to Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, but Schultz’s site continues to accept pledges for what I assume is an ongoing project. The resulting story is due to appear on the AGYU site.

Later this year visit the AGYU’s Curatorial Wing for Schultz’s second commissioned web project Watering the dark: A Curated Novel.

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