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Prey For Us

January 24th, 2009     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

For everyone who occasionally needs to slam their sweaty body into a bunch of other sweaty bodies in order to remind themselves they’re still alive, and then afterwards wants to eat hummous and chips and talk about their favourite Kate Bush song; for every girl who met her best friend at a hardcore show after all her guy friends told her she wouldn’t have a good time; for everyone who doesn’t know the difference between hardcore, grindcore, crust, d-beat, or screamo, and frankly doesn’t give a flying rat-tail hair-do, I give you Preying Hands.

With members of the much-loved and dearly-departed Ballast and Snakemaster, people are freaking out about this band, and with good reason. If you’re in Montreal, you can freak out too, tonight at the Decadent Squalour, 3627 Notre Dame West. Also playing are Switzerland, The Castevets, and Double Dip, another especially notable girl- and queer-positive punk band. A mere $5 gets you in, and it’s all ages.

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