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Pro-Life looming just east of Dundas Square

January 23rd, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

I missed this yesterday but it’s still worth posting. Via Torontoist

Looming just east of Dundas Square (in Toronto,) at the corner of Dundas and Victoria streets, is an out-of-home ad sponsored by the Niagara Region Right to Life. The billboard features a larger-than-life toy soldier, his right cheek adorned with one giant tear. The copy reads, “Some toys will have fewer children to play with this year. Some 100,000 aborted children.”

Sarah Nicole Prickett’s post on the billboard is certainly worth a read. She says some really thoughtful things about the current climate threatening a woman’s right to choose and goes on to detail her experience after Torontoist called the number on the billboard - “a number belonging not to Niagara Region Right to Life, but to a local organization that calls itself Aid to Women.” Prickett found Torontoist was “put indefinitely on hold:”

By the time we got bored and hung up, we’d decided that we’d be a lot more outraged by this public display of sanctimony if it wasn’t so laughably stupid. Toys without children? Boo-freaking-hoo. What about children without toys, without proper food and care, without loving parents and homes? That’s a real tragedy. This abortions-make-toys-cry argument is just a bad joke.

(By the way, looks like “Aid to Women” is yet another pro-life organization masquerading as unbiased information.)

You can view the billboard here.

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