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PSA: Guide to free facilities

December 13th, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

Canada lags well behind Europe in terms of public facilities. I heard once that Toronto has a public washroom at Dundas Square, but I think that’s just a rumour. More promise than substance. Sort of like Dundas Square itself…

Toronto has no city-owned washrooms except within property already owned by the municipality. That is, unlike other international urban centres, there are no dedicated public washrooms scattered helpfully throughout the city. The powers-that-be in Toronto are just hoping anyone who is downtown and needs to pee is already at City Hall and within working hours.

But picking up the public infrastructure slack is Now with listings for Toronto, it is a collaborative website which catalogues publicly accessible toilets throughout the city. Know one? Add one. Washrooms are rated for cleanliness and accessibility, as well as indicating baby-changing facilities, and whether a purchase is required or not. Check in advance of your outing, or if you’re out and already desperate, you can look it up with your phone.

The future is friendly, and it wants you to be comfortable.

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