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Queer from the Heart: Letters I Never Sent Showcase

February 4th, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

consensual. anti-racist. unapologetic. not your average burlesque.

Start off your Valentines day week with consensual queer love that doesn’t fit into a box and an unapologetic showcase!

Hosted by Dainty Box and Deb Singh!

**Featuring: Franny annu saini Maria Mete Scorpio Rising Genie Emerald Aemilius (Milo) Black Eyed Floozy Joy Sidra Mahmood Ebonee Darling Red Mango Zaid Ade Jynx SPARKLE

  • shout outs to Jenny for an AMAZING poster!

more performer announcements coming soon…

Monday February 11th Gladstone Ballroom Doors: 7pm Showcase: 8 - 10pm All Ages $5-15, PWYC No one turned away! Proceeds go towards supporting folks in our communities that are performers, artists, mentors, space providers, etc!

** Venue Accessibility: Ramp out front leads into Melody Bar, 2 single stall gender neutral washrooms. One in lobby, the other in between the Melody Bar & Art Bar.

Have you ever had a secret, a wish, an emotion, an invaluable piece of knowledge that you might not have had the space or words to share, but that you can no longer keep silent?

Letters we’ve never sent can range from confessing being in love with a best friend, to having conversations with ancestors, to speaking to the parts of ourselves that we don’t always acknowledge to anything in between.

Sometimes our letters exist in tucked away notebooks, e-mail drafts and lost in memories. Join us as we unapologetically send our letters out into the world.

**if anyone has the means and would like to donate any funds to the show beforehand, please let us know! any funds received before the event, as well as the door sales, will first go toward paying a sound technician to make sure the show can happen and then toward performers and volunteers. no pressure, but any money we can secure before the event will go a long way.

Email Shaunga ( or Kumari ( to get in touch about donating, performing, volunteering or any thoughts/questions/concerns!

**Re-defining Burlesque: This is a show where the performers can tell their own stories, not ones that are dictated by what audiences and larger society want to hear, but stories that are unique to them and that no one else can tell. To us burlesque is; storytelling, playing with gender, can incorporate spoken word, singing, acting, dancing and any other talents you have! To us burlesque is consensual: you get to choose who gets to see what, where and when, who looks where and when, what you wear, choose to take off, what to put on, and what stays on the whole time.

This show gives performance space to emerging, first-time, and seasoned performers who are people of colour, Indigenous, queer, genderqueer, trans*, people of varying body sizes, people of all abilities, people from varying class backgrounds. We acknowledge that even within queer people of colour performing spaces there are barriers of accessibility and still certain bodies and genders don’t get as much space as others. We hope that broadening accessibility and representation will be an ongoing dialogue.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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