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Quick link: Anorexia

March 11th, 2009     by Cate Simpson     Comments

There’s a really interesting article about anorexia in the Guardian today.

I don’t think I’ve come across anything examining anorexia in any detail since I was in high school, when it was described to us in very different terms than this article explains it, as mainly about people (mostly girls) who just want to be thin. Writer Laurie Penny makes it clear it’s not as simple as that:

“Anorexia has long been trivialised as a by-product of celebrity and fashion culture, and this media focus has sharpened since the death of two models in 2006. But the condition is actually far more than that: anorexia has been recorded since the 12th century as a psychotic strategy of self-control, which suggests that we have to look far beyond the pages of today’s women’s magazines for answers.”

It’s mostly focused on the shortcomings of the British medical system when it comes to recognition and treatment, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the early stages tend to go undiagnosed in Canada too. More local resources are available at the National Eating Disorder Information Centre’s website.

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