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!! Rebel, REBEL !!

January 4th, 2011     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

Prince George, BC-based derby girl, social justice activist, youth counsellor, and DIY’r Laura Burkholder is putting together her first zine as a challenge to herself (and to get it off her bucket list).

Her zine will be called “Rebel, REBEL: A collective experience” and will focus on rebelling against the dominant paradigms of consumerism and patriarchy. She would like the zine to look at how there are a million different ways, large and small, that we all rebel. She would also like to make space to promote the idea that you don’t need to be completely radical in your lifestyle to be a rebel. Because often in small towns and northern climes doing anything radical or questioning marks you as othered.

That’s where you come in!!! Laura would love it if you would submit a paragraph/essay/poem/photo/doodle/painting that talks about how you are a rebel…. It can be as simple as a series of sentences like “I am part of a group to raise awareness about recycling in my community”, “I use a diva cup”, “I go to my local farmer’s market”,”I attended a gay wedding”, “I compost”, “I knit my own underwear”, “I don’t buy Cosmo Magazines”, “I graffiti trains”, etc.

She would love for you to be as creative as possible at thinking of ways that you challenge patriarchy/consumerism and a way to voice how you do this…. Please contact her ( if you need ideas, or clarifications. With your submission please include a few simple details about yourself. She will not be posting people’s names with their submissions in an attempt to promote a collective voice, but would like to include a few details, along the lines of age, gender (or preferred pronoun), location, to promote the idea that you don’t have to be a certain demographic to be a rebel.

Text(s) and images can be e-mailed to this, and pictures can be scanned and e-mailed, or mailed to #101, Juniper Street, Prince George BC, V2L 1N5 (she promised to mail you back the originals).

She is looking at trying to pull together all the submissions around February 1 2011, so she can begin to form the zine. Once it has been formed, she will mail you your very own copy! She will also be dispersing it at the 3rd Avenue Collective in Prince George, and other various locations around the city (and hopefully other cities) for public reading.

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