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Recapping the 2015 Shamie Awards

October 22nd, 2015     by Team Shameless     Comments

On Friday, October 16, Shameless hosted our second annual Shamie Awards, sponsored by Unifor.

We have many people and organizations to thank, including Jess Beaulieu and Sheila Sampath for hosting, OCAD University for providing the venue, Black Oak Brewery for sponsoring beer, DJ Betti Forde for the music, Afghan Women’s Catering Group for catering, Charlotte Bondy for bartending, and Maggie and Scout for ASL interpretation. Thank you!!!

We’re happy (or angry?) to present the 2015 Shamie Award winners/losers.

Most egregious use of people of colour as props in a music video

Major Lazer and DJ Snake: Lean On
Macklemore:// Downtown
Taylor Swift: Shake It Off

Winner: Major Lazer and DJ Snake

Fashion Don’ts

Elle Magazine saying dashikis are “in”
Vogue declares “year of the butt”
Meryl Streep’s “REBEL” shirt

Winner: D-Squared

Sorry Not Sorry Award for Most Insincere Public Apology

Taylor Swift to Nicki Minaj
Ben Affleck for learning his family history includes slave-owning, and covering it up
Dawn Fraser for saying tennis player Nick Kyrgios should go back where he came from
Jeremy Renner for saying Black Widow is a slut

Winner: Jeremy Renner

The “I Have a ______ Friend” Award

Iggy Azalea has Black friends
Rachel Dolezal has Black friends (and a whole Black community)
Donald Trump has Muslim friends

Winner: Donald Trump

The Colourblind Award for People Who Want to Be Other People

Rachel Dolezal really wants to be Black
Mindy Kaling’s brother also really wants to be Black
Michael Hudson really wants to be Yi-Fen Chou
Bobby Jindal really wants to be a white guy

Winner: Rachel Dolezal

Most Ill-Conceived #Hashtag Award


Winner: #AllLivesMatter

Most Misguided Corporate Initiative Award

Starbucks #RaceTogether
McDonald’s Pay With Love campaign
The NFL’s annual Pink campaign
Martin Shkreli for buying the patent to an HIV drug and raising the price

Winner: Starbucks #RaceTogether

The “I Want to Believe” Award for People Who Are Sure That the Truth is Out There

Planned Parenthood Truthers
Confederate flag supporters
Richard Dawkins

Winner: Richard Dawkins

It’s Not Me, It’s You Award

Bill Cosby
Jian Ghomeshi
Terrence Howard
David Cameron

Winner: All of them!

The Man Tears Award

Man who demanded refund after getting turned down for 2nd date
White dudes tweeting #takeUsDown
Bernard Valcourt
Donald Trump

Winner: Bernard Valcourt

The Most Awful Sports Thing Award

Serena Williams’ haters
South African Rugby Team
NFL’s refusal to pay cheerleaders

Winner: Serena Williams’ haters

The Mickey Rooney Memorial Award for Inappropriate Casting

Emma Stone in Aloha_
Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily
Salma Hayek & Adrien Brody in _Septembers of Shiraz_
The entire cast of _Exodus: Gods and Kings

Winner: Rooney Mara

Most Disappointing Pseudo-Liberal

Matt Damon
Blake Lively
Meryl Streep

Winner: Matt Damon

The This is Not a Thing Award

“Old-Stock Canadians”
Anchor babies
Guns don’t kill people, people kill people

Winner: Transracial

Worst “It’s Just a Joke” Joke

Bill Burr
Ari Shaffir
Kurt Metzger
Louis CK
Amy Schumer

Winner: Bill Burr

The “You’re Not My Feminist Spokesperson” Award

Meghan Murphy
Selma Blair, Emily Blunt, Lena Dunham, Claire Danes, Eve Ensler, Anne Hathaway, Ashley Judd, Lisa Kudrow, Laura Linney, Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet for opposing Amnesty International motion declaring sex workers’ rights are human rights
Taylor Swift
Amy Schumer
Erica Jong

Winner: Meghan Murphy

The Worst Advice Award

Jason Kenney: Speak in “perfect, unaccented English”
Tim Hunt: Make science labs single-sex
Sean Hannity: Focus on Black on Black crime

Winner: Sean Hannity

The Barbaric Cultural Practices Award Crowdsourced by You!

Nominees, crowdsourced from Shamies attendees:
Chris Alexander
Bill C-24
The man bun fad
Bluegrass music
People being stampeded to death in lineups to buy things
So many missing and murdered Indigenous women

Winner: Missing and murdered Indigenous women

The Unironic “You’re Really Great!” Award

Nicki Minaj
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Mrs. Universe, Ashley Callingbull
Cecile Richards, CEO Planned Parenthood

Winner: Nicki Minaj

2015 Shamie

Viet Cong
Miley Cyrus
Steve Rannazzisi

Winner: Stephen Harper (but he wasn’t nominated!! Election fraud?!)

Lifetime of Shame Award

Donald Trump
Stephen Harper
Bill Cosby

Winner: Stephen Harper (bye-bye!)

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