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Recommended Reading: A bra that fits me - A Critique of Chrysalis Lingerie’s May 1st Launch

May 10th, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

Teagan Widmer writes at Interrupt Mag about some major issues with Chrysalis Lingerie’s launch.

I was super excited about Chrysalis Lingerie’s new line of lingerie that debuted in their online store this week. The company boasts garments created by trans women and for trans women. Their launch has been delayed multiple, but now it was finally coming to a mailbox near you. So when I saw a post on my Tumblr dashboard saying that their store was finally open, I eagerly clicked the link for the store. My jaw subsequently hit the floor, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

The prices of the garments are high, which is a big problem:

Most trans women don’t have that kind of earning power thanks to the intersection of transmysogny and sexism (and often racism since there are many trans women who are also women of color).

And on top of that:

Upon further examination of the new shop, I came to an even more startling, frustrating, and disturbing realization. Even if I had the money to drop on a beautiful brand-new Chrysalis bra, I wouldn’t be able to buy one that actually fits me.

Read Teagan’s excellent critique in its entirety here.

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