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Recommended Viewing: It Gets Fatter

August 29th, 2012     by Julia Horel     Comments

It Gets Fatter is a project started by three self-identified fat people of colour, with the intent of building a dialogue around being fat people of colour in a fatphobic world, eating together and being in safe spaces together.

“… maybe it could be a project, like It Gets Better, but actually better, because people of colour are doing it.”

They have so far posted an introductory video that can be found here, and a version with subtitles here.

“I think for me, it’s really important to be around people who look like me and think the same way I do, but also just to feel safe as a fat person, safe being visible, safe eating in public, and not feel pressured to have body shame or like I need to lose weight, or need to talk about losing weight, or feel like I always have to work on what I look like because I’m fat.”

There is a specific call for participation at the end of the video:

“I hope that if people want to upload things, videos or text or whatever themselves, too, that would rule.”

Tags: body politics, race and racism, recommended reading

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