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Remember sex ed?

January 30th, 2007     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

The Sense Project team is looking for volunteers and submissions for its sex ed zine project:

“Everybody has a story of wooden penises, condom jokes, STI villains and awkward silences. Some might even have vivid memories filled with clinical details of genital anatomy, or a really hot sex ed teacher. Since sexual education mysteriously vanished with the 2005 educational reform, how will it be remembered? How will it be re-imagined? We want to know.”

“This zine is meant to share stories and dialogues about sexuality and identity funneled through the education system. We want to see what happened during sex ed classes now that they arent happening anymore. Our mission is to create a space to re-imagine a curriculum that can handle the ambiguity of sex, identity and power. Your contribution will further Head & Hands/À deux mains Sense Project which aims to provide high school students with youth-friendly, comprehensive and peer-based sexual education. Help it grow by submitting your art & stories, making a donation or becoming a volunteer!”

They’re looking for: * Editorials (750 words) * Short Stories & Prose Poems (750-500 words) * Poems (1-2 pages) * Comixs * Photos (1-2) * Illustrations (1-2)

Deadline: March 1. Send submissions to sexedstories at yahoo dot ca or by snail mail (for photos and comix) to Sex Ed Zine Project, Head & Hands/À deux mains, 5833 Sherbrooke O CP 446, Succ. NDG, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 3P8.

Tags: arts, body politics

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