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November 13th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

It appears to be Book Day here at Shameless, which is great given that lately I’ve got books on the brain. Specifically “books written for girls” and what that means.

This morning Feministing brought my attention to some great “retro-lit sites, which re-read the ghost-written classics of my childhood and mock them when appropriate.” I think we’ve come a long way in terms of YA literature for the ladies (Emily Pohl-Weary’s new Natalie Fuentes series, for example,) but it’s always fun to visit these blogs that take a trip down (the very blonde) memory lane…

The Dairi Burger, devoted to a re-read of the oft-recussitated Sweet Valley High.

Claudia’s Room, blogging about the Baby-Sitters Club series.

And my personal fave:

What Claudia Wore, where blogger Kim critiques the outfits worn by “artsy” baby-sitter Claudia Kishi.

By the way, my favourite book of my youth was this classic expose:

‘Cause you know, Stacey’s different and it’s harder on her than anyone knows. What are your memories of these books of yore?

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