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Rob Ford Arrested and Charged with assualt and threatening death.

March 27th, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Toronto City Councillor Rob Ford, who has been in the news as of late, was arrested at his home yesterday and charged with assault and uttering death threats. The complainant’s name has not been officially released, but a police source said it is Ford’s wife, Renata, and that she has been injured in an apparent domestic incident.

This is the same Rob Ford who recently refused to apologize for some racist comments he made at City Hall.

The reason I decided to post this story was because of some comments I’ve been reading on the local blogs regarding Ford’s innocence. Here’s a sampling of comments :

Just remember that he’s innocent until proven guilty. There have been cases of women falsely accusing their husbands of various things to get back at them. Wifey knows that filing a charge will bring instant embarrassment, no matter how minor an incident…the timing of this is VERY suspicious. …Miller’s cronies, seeing that Ford was seriously mulling a run for Mayor, decided to take a minor complaint, and use the police to blow it out of proportion. All the facts aren’t in yet and everyone’s piling up on him.

I find it interesting that domestic violence, along with rape, are the only crimes where the assumption that the victim is lying is so immediate. For many, and despite the fact that Ford’s wife has reportedly sustained an injury during the assault, it is important that Ford’s innocence is publically maintained at the expense of his wife’s perceived guilt. In less than 24 hours, this case has become a very public display of Toronto’s feelings on domestic violence. Namely; we should assume she’s lying until the courts tell us otherwise. And even then we should be wary.

Ford’s lawyer, Dennis Morris, told the press that the incidents “never occurred and we’ll be pleading not guilty.”

Surprisingly, Ford will be back at work today. “That’s what I do; fight for the taxpayers, serve the taxpayers,” Ford told The Star last night.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have my politicians frequent prostitutes than beat their wives.

I’m curious to find out how readers feel about Ford continuing to serve the City of Toronto while waiting for his court date?

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