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round 34527 of “does hillary represent feminists?”

March 12th, 2008     by Thea Lim     Comments

What do we think of this opinion piece from The Root, found through Racialicious? Any feminist worth the label should have “rejected and denounced” New York Governor Eliot Spitzer within an hour of his admitting his connection with an international prostitution ring. [Clinton] is a senator from New York. [Spitzer] has been one of her staunchest political allies. Now, he is engulfed in an international, illegal sex-trafficking scheme. Barack Obama had to “denounce and reject” Louis Farrakhan (with whom he has no official ties whatsoever) but Hillary can send her “best wishes and thoughts to the governor and to his family”?

Not on my watch.

Ms. Gloria Steinem has been trouncing around the country for months whipping white women feminists into line for HRC; demanding rigid allegiance to this privileged former Goldwater girl as the litmus test for feminist politics. Enough already. Hillary may be a woman, but she is no feminist.

Feminists do not stand by while their husbands prey sexually on the young women who work for them. Feminists do not accept the endorsement, support and financial backing of men who betray their constituents and their families by trafficking in women’s bodies…

And in other news, Heather Mallick comments on how a loss for Clinton will be a loss for all women…though it would seem then that her definition of women leaves out women of colour or anti-racist women or women who just like Obama over Clinton.

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