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Sabrina Jalees, we salute thee

September 1st, 2006     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

I’d just like to doff my hat to Sabrina Jalees, comedian, writer, and Shameless profile-ee (Issue #1). She’s been the Monday correspondent on the CBC’s morning show Sounds Like Canada for the summer months, and her segments are always hilarious, plus she often seems to make host Jian Ghomeshi more than a little uncomfortable with her off-centre humour, a detail which never fails to delight me. She also holds the honour (?) of being the shows’s only female correspondent. I have to say I was a wee bit chafed when, on the last program today when all the correspondents came together for a jokey “awards ceremony”, Ghomeshi awarded her the “Best Female Correspondent” prize. Yes, let’s all have a good chuckle at how underrepresented women are in high-profile, personality-based media positions. Anyway: Cheers to sassy, side-splitting women, jeers to condescending boys’ clubs. Keep it up, Sabrina.

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