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Sassy Fans weigh in and Sum Up the Jane Debate

July 13th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

For the sake of interest, there’s a great article in the New York Times about the demise of Jane Magazine, written by Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer, authors of How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time.

The article sums up the Jane debate pretty well:

“Readers and would-be readers often couldn’t decide if Jane was better than other women’s magazines or if, because it knew better, it was worse. Some thought it was too consumerist, that it celebrated a cloying brand of quirkiness for its own sake, that it spoke in some sort of inane urban girl patois and that it eschewed real feminism for you-go platitudes about drinking and sex…

…But in Jane, they found the one mainstream magazine that spoke to them, if imperfectly. It was the best of what a lot of women thought of as a bad bargain. In the end, that wasn’t good enough.”

Also, in the world of Shameless props, the Much Music Blog had this to say:

“First Sassy, then ELLEgirl, and now Jane - all have folded. Where have all the great girl mags gone? And what exactly are they making room for? At least we still have Shameless.

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