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Save the Cheerleader, Save the World*

January 8th, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

(*or how the media continues to hyper-sexualize young women.)

From The Huffington Post’s 7 Sexiest Green Celebs of 2007:

“Emerging from the cesspool of Disney celebs comes Hayden Panettiere. Though best known for her kiddie-porn appeal and role on NBC’s Heroes, Panettiere is raising praise and eyebrows as a young advocate.”

For reals?

Interestingly enough, the writer of the piece rather eloquently apologized in the comments section of the original Feministing post that asked “WTF?” You can read her apology after the jump.

via Feministing

“…I would like to apologize and explain my original intentions for this post. I’m not trying to weasel out of anything, but I feel obligated to respond–your comments spoke to me, made me think twice and for that I am thankful.

The post was meant to be ridiculous–“ludicrous” as you say. The concept of “green celebs” is absurd to begin with … green is about simplicity, less, the antithesis of excess.

Overall, my intention was simply to draw attention (in a lighthearted and comical way) to a few neat, interesting and environmentally-focused initiatives. In trying to make the post mainstream, I see that I dumbed it down and used shallow commentary.

Hayden Panettiere is an accomplished and inspiring young woman. My description of her, “best known for,” was clearly a degradation of her hard work and commitments. I plan to be more cognizant of a mistake like this in future writing.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. I hope you will continue to be as critical and insightful as you prove to be.

Keep up the good work,

Olivia Zaleski Blogger Huffington Post”

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