Shameless Ends Temporary Shipping Suspension

November 30th, 2018     by Team Shameless     Comments

Illustration: Beena Mistry

Dear Shameless Readers and Subscribers,

Thank you so much for your patience during our shipping suspension!

On November 26 2018, the Government of Canada legislated striking Canadian Union of Postal Workers back to work. This is not the resolution we hoped for, as it leaves important issues of worker safety and fairness still unaddressed after five weeks of strike action (and a year of negotia-tions). However, we’ve decided that our shipping suspension no longer serves the purpose it was intended for - to show solidarity to workers of CUPW. For this reason, we’ve resumed shipping on Tuesday November 27. All purchases made from the week of October 22nd onward will now be mailed within the week.

We still want to support our postal workers and we encourage our wonderful readers to do so, too! There are lots of ways you can get active and talk back:

  1. If you’re in Canada, write a letter to or call your Senator, Member of Parliament, or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Let these lawmakers know how disappointed you are that the government has forced postal workers back on the job in unsafe and unfair conditions. You can do that right here.

  2. Get on social media! Go to CUPW’s Facebook page and leave them a message of solidarity and support. Or Tweet out a message of solidarity with the hashtag #cupw. There’s a lot of negativity and anger towards postal workers right now and your words mean a lot.

Remember, we owe postal workers a lot, including paid parental leave - something postal workers went on strike for back in 1981! Stay strong, stay angry, and stay Shameless.

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