Shameless is looking for 3-4 staff illustrators to join our team!

April 14th, 2016     by Erin McPhee     Comments

Editor’s Note: Shameless is an 100% volunteer run organization, and the honoraria rate listed above is the same for all volunteer staff (including art director and editors). In terms of frequency, all volunteer staff positions require approx. 5 hrs per week on average. For this position in particular, depending on the roles filled, that may equate to 2-3 illustrations a month per illustrator, or less.

Applications are now closed! Thank you!

The Shameless Staff Illustrator is responsible for creating illustrations for the blog. They like reading, interpreting, and drawing. They are able to pick out what’s important or interesting about a piece, and make a fun and thoughtful illustration. Most importantly, they are passionate about creating images that align with the Shameless mandate of social justice and anti-oppression. They are interested in creating images for the blog that reflect the diversity of Shameless readers’ and their experiences (including people of colour, a variety of gender identities/presentations, ability, and size). They are open to feedback, excited to learn, and love making images.

The ideal Shameless Staff Illustrator is confident exchanging regular communication via email with the Web Art Director. They are comfortable working within an agreed-upon schedule and deadlines, once they’ve accepted an assignment (usually providing roughs, colour roughs, and final illustration over a period of two weeks). The illustrator has access to photoshop (or similar imaging software) and has a working knowledge of the program. Along with a working understanding of how to prepare and save images for the web (72dpi, RBG colour space, and preparing a document with dimensions in pixels).

The Shameless Staff Illustrator is a part-time position (& one-year contract) with flexible hours. There is an honorarium of $150.00/annually for the role ($50 to be awarded 3 times a year, following the publication of each print issue of the magazine. Note that the honorarium being offered is guaranteed to the end of 2016, and in the future is dependent on ongoing funding).

This role is open to both youth and adult applicants. An in-person or online interview for the role may be required. (In-person or online photoshop training/support is available for youth applicants). To apply, please email Erin McPhee at, with:

-Your name

-A little information about yourself (please indicate if you’re a youth applicant)

-Why you’re applying for the position

-And attach three landscape orientation illustrations or drawings you’ve done that fit within the Shameless look-and-feel

Application deadline: Friday April 22nd

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