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Shameless is the magazine all of Canada should skim!

February 26th, 2007     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

I thought I was still dreamining on Saturday morning, when my alarm went off during an episode of the CBC’s show GO. The show’s concept was a contest called “Canada Skims Magazines,” a riff on the broadcaster’s Canada Reads literary contest, where celebrity panelists defend books they think the entire country should be reading.

On Saturday, GO invited four panelists to defend the magazine they think the entire country should skim. The lovely Jean Yoon was awesome enough to take Shameless on the show, pitting the mag against the much-more skimmable shopping mag Lou Lou, celeb mag HELLO Canada (defended by funny man Scott Thomson) and a gardening magazine (defended by Olivia Chow!).

Hilarity ensued as contestants had to trash the other mags, read excerpts from the mags to a jazz beat and, one by one, send the losers to the shredder!

It was very exciting to hear Shameless win! We now have the illustrious title of the first-ever winner of Canada Skims. Moments like these make me proud to be a magazine maker. Thanks Jean Yoon!

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