Shameless Magazine Solidarity Statement with Black Lives Matter Toronto Coalition

March 26th, 2016     by Team Shameless     Comments

Courtesy of Black Lives Matter-Toronto Coalition

**The following is a solidarity statement adapted from the Tamil Freedom Coalition Statement of Solidarity with BLMTO.

Shameless magazine is united in solidarity and friendship with Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLMTO). We unconditionally support the occupation of the Toronto Police Headquarters and echo the following demands:

• The immediate release of the name(s) of the officer(s) who killed Andrew Loku and charges to be laid accordingly.

• The immediate release of the name(s) of the officer who killed Alex Wettlaufer, and charges to be laid accordingly.

• The immediate and public release of any video footage from the apartment complex where Andrew Loku was murdered.

• The adoption of the African Canadian Legal Clinic’s demand for a coroner’s inquest into the death of Andrew Loku.

• A condemnation of Toronto Police’s excessive use of force and ongoing intimidation tactics against Black Lives Matter Toronto protesters.

• An overhaul of the province’s Special Investigations Unit, in consultation with families of victims of Police violence, the Black and Indigenous communities, and the community at large.

• A commitment to the full elimination of carding, including: the deletion of all previously recorded data, reframing of regulations to prohibitions, consistent implementation policy amongst different police boards, and concrete disciplinary measures for officers who continue to card.

Shameless magazine is grounded in principles of anti-oppression and social justice. Our magazine works to centre youth voices, especially Black, Indigenous, youth of colour, trans youth, disabled youth/youth with disabilities, and queer youth. We understand that many of the obstacles faced by young women and trans youth lie at the intersection of different forms of oppression, based on race, class, ability, immigration status, sexual orientation, and gender identity. We understand that Black youth are disproportionately affected by state violence and that BLMTO is a youth-driven movement.

Black Lives Matter is a future-thinking movement, focused on dismantling and re-imagining systems of oppression to create better futures for all young people. One particular system of oppression that plays an instrumental role in perpetuating anti-Black policing practices is the media, specifically in the erasure of Black voices. Shameless magazine calls on media to centre the voices of Black people affected by state violence and to do this in ways that promote justice and equity.

We are proud to support Black Lives Matter Toronto in the struggle against police violence and anti-Black racism.

In solidarity and friendship,

Shameless magazine

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