Shameless Podcast Camp: Meet Family Dynamics

June 1st, 2018     by Julia De Laurentiis Johnson     Comments

In the Fall of 2017, we put out a call to teen girls and trans/NB youth who were interested in joining our inaugural Podcast Camp – to learn together how to make rad podcasts and then, well, make them!

Led by our podcast producer Julia De Laurentiis Johnson, ten campers met each week for a month. They made friends, made jokes and made killer podcasts. AND NOW! We are very proud and pleased to start sharing the beautiful things they made in our series Camp Shameless: The Podcasts.

Here’s Field! And this is Family Dynamics. In their own words:

Family Dynamics is about growing up with immigrant parents, and the subtle cultural divide that Canadian-immigrant children experience. As a child of a Chinese mother, I wanted to know how much of my experience is shared with others whose parents don’t match the ones we see on T.V, read about in books, or who the teachers in school describe to us when they refer to the person who signs our field trip forms. Sometimes the frustration of a parent who doesn’t match our society built expectations can create tension and resentment. This podcast doesn’t shy away from those feelings, but rather embraces them as the inherent flip-side to the appreciation that comes when we recognize that we have unique parents who are just trying their best to figure out an already complicated tasks, raising a child, in a whole new set of rules than what they grew up with.

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