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April 20th, 2018     by Julia De Laurentiis Johnson     Comments

In the Fall of 2017, we put out a call to teen girls and trans/NB youth who were interested in joining our inaugural Podcast Camp – to learn together how to make rad podcasts and then, well, make them!

Led by our podcast producer Julia De Laurentiis Johnson, ten campers met each week for a month. They made friends, made jokes and made killer podcasts. AND NOW! We are very proud and pleased to start sharing the beautiful things they made in our series Camp Shameless: The Podcasts.

First up, the stylings of Jasmine. This is Farin. In Jasmine’s own words:

I am Jasmine Ali: student, writer, creator, and host of Farin Podcast. Growing up in Canada as a second-generation Afro-Jamaican came with many challenges due to my identity being caught between the West and the Islands.

Second-generation youth of the Caribbean diaspora are often overlooked, but little do they know, they are actually a key component in the future development of the Caribbean. I wanted to create a podcast that would shine a spotlight on these youth, and teach them how to utilize the privilege within their complex identities to better the positioning of the islands in the global sphere.

In creating this podcast, it was very important for me to ensure that I was able to display my message effectively and make a genuine impact on my listeners. It was challenging because I would spend hours over-thinking and re-editing in hope of making everything perfect, until I learned how to become comfortable with the idea of being imperfect. I was able to affirm to myself that this is my first ever podcast and my editing isn’t at the level of a professional, but having room to improve does not mean that I, along with the content I produce, am not already great, and that I won’t empower someone in some way.

So I hope I’m listening to my podcast, you get to learn about second gens, their significance, the intersections within their experiences, what you can do to participate in movement, and most importantly how to become at peace with yourself by acknowledging the power within you.

To further the discussion with questions and inquiries, contact the host at:

(Music produced by Uncle D.O.E.)

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