Shameless Podcast Camp: Meet Game to Glory

May 4th, 2018     by Julia De Laurentiis Johnson     Comments

In the Fall of 2017, we put out a call to teen girls and trans/NB youth who were interested in joining our inaugural Podcast Camp – to learn together how to make rad podcasts and then, well, make them!

Led by our podcast producer Julia De Laurentiis Johnson, ten campers met each week for a month. They made friends, made jokes and made killer podcasts. AND NOW! We are very proud and pleased to start sharing the beautiful things they made in our series Camp Shameless: The Podcasts.

Here’s Maryan! And this is Game to Glory. In her own words:

“I decided to make the podcast Game to Glory after realizing that I liked learning about effects a film have on people more than the actual film itself. Instead of wanting to watch full movies, growing up I often found myself scouring through IMDb looking at what projects were in development, seeing a film go from pre to post-production, and all of the distribution in between. I especially liked predicting how well received a film would be, and seeing if they would make it through the awards circuit. I’ve always been a fan of award shows, and from a young age would find myself staying up to watch them- no matter how long or tedious they would get. It was fascinating seeing what types of work would be rewarded, and seeing both the winners and losers react to it.

I eventually noticed that while there were many people that share a love for film, just as many were clueless about how a film is made, or why and how certain films tend to be better received than others. I want to use my knowledge from casually following the awards circuit process over the years and share it with people in a fun, informative, and laid-back way. I want to create a space for people to listen to a discussion about awards shows that have gone on, as well as predict what films will be on the forefront of people’s minds, and all of the festivals, new releases, and pop culture in between. I hope by listening to Game of Glory people can feel informed or in the know about what’s happening in film, or even just hear what they already know being discussed by a fellow fan of the industry.”

Check out more episodes here!

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