Shameless Suspends Shipping In Solidarity With Striking Postal Workers

October 29th, 2018     by Team Shameless     Comments

Illustration: Beena Mistry

Dear Shameless Readers and Subscribers,

Hi there! I’m Angela, Shameless’ Circulation Manager. Usually I am happily behind the scenes here tapping away at my (multiple) spreadsheets, keeping track of subscriptions, filling orders, and hand-addressing many, many envelopes. Today, though, I want to let you know why some of you who’ve placed recent orders haven’t received them yet. Earlier this week, Canadian Union of Postal Workers and Canada Post failed to reach a deal. As a result, postal workers are staging a series of revolving strikes across the country.

My local post office is now open for business, but the strike is still going on. At Shameless, we truly believe that all workers have a right to safe working conditions and fair wages, so we’re choosing to suspend all mail deliveries until the strike is resolved. This means anyone who places an order will have to wait a bit longer to get a copy of Shameless in their hands. I - and my colleagues - regret the delay, but we feel that it’s important to put our principles into practice.

We’ll let you know when the strike is resolved and deliveries resume. In the meantime, have a look around on our blog (hey, you’re here already!) and join the conversation on social media.

Yours Shamelessly (and in solidarity),

Angela Circulation Manager

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