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shameless takes a holiday

December 24th, 2007     by Thea Lim     Comments

Yippee it’s the end of the year! To celebrate, Shameless is going to take a wee holiday. We’ll be back in the new year, and until then please enjoy our top ten viewed posts of the year. Who doesn’t love a retrospective, even if some of these only made it into the top ten because of various references to female body parts…

Have a Shameless New Year!!

10) March 16: Nipples on a billboard in Toronto

The first time I saw one of these ads, I actually got off my bike to stare at the ad to make sure that what I was seeing was truly, ahem, nipple, and not just a dirt smudge or my imagination.

9) February 5: Fight Back (part II) This post is a follow-up on one idea: that women can’t win fights with men. As with the last post (and really, as with any post), what is written below is based on what I have experienced and read…the three-pronged reply to “women can’t win fights with men”: * A pound of muscle is a pound of muscle, regardless of who it’s attached to; * Women are stronger than they think; and * Strength alone doesn’t win a fight.

8) September 14: A Nice Surprise - Cosmogirl tackles the gender spectrum

…buried in the back [of the October issue of CosmoGirl], on page 149 there’s a thoughtful, insightful and in some ways, revolutionary piece written by Jessica DuLong, called The Gender Spectrum. In the piece, DuLong takes a sensitive and informative approach to transexual, transgender and genderqueer teens…

7) August 15: Female Ejaculation - Yet to Be Studied Systematically

…female ejaculation is an especially “hot potato” topic. I could put in links below to all the studies which say female ejaculation is urinary incontinence or that the G-Spot doesn’t exist, and then I could follow it with a matching number of links demonstrating that the G-Spot absolutely does exist, that women do ejaculate, and then follow that again by a whole whack of studies by people who just can’t decide.

6) February 26: Bluenotes Pulls T-Shirts

T-shirts emblazoned with the words ‘No means have aNOther drink’ are no longer being sold in Bluenotes stores nationwide…

5) January 11: Political Tragedy is the New Black

They’re called keffiyehs, or shemagh scarves, and while they originate in the Arab world, in recent years they have come to represent identification with the Palestinian side of the long and bloody conflict between Palestine and Israel over territory…but how did keffiyehs go from meaning “Intifada!” (i.e. “I’m for Palestine!”) to “I’m extremely fashionable and I’m probably going to a really cool party on Saturday night?”

4) September 6: Shameless in the Skies

A Southwest Airlines employee recently attempted to throw 23 year-old Kyla Ebbert off a flight to Tucson because she was “dressed inappropriately.”

3) March 14: Barbie Loves Mac

MAC, a Canadian company primarily famed for it’s gender-bending and drag-queen friendly take on high glam cosmetics, has recruited none other than our favourite antifeminist icon, Barbie, to sell its wares…

2) September 7: Facebook Defines Breast Feeding as Obscene

Facebook has began taking down pictures of women breastfeeding their children and in some cases, even banning users for putting the photos up in the first place. The claim is that such imagery is “obscene content.”

1) October 4: Wes Anderson - The Ultimate Heartbreaker

But the fact that the only role that people of colour can have in his movies are as sexual fantasies, sidekicks or deeply insulting cartoons suggests that, consciously or subconsciously, Anderson doesn’t think that much of real life people of colour. And between you and me, I’m not sure mine and Wes’ friendship can withstand that.

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