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Shopping for a cause that I can get behind

November 5th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Shopping for a cause can be problematic; we’ve explored it here, here and here. But when I came across this fantastic fundraising campaign via myspace (no, not facebook,) I knew I had to share it with readers. This isn’t corporations selling pink iPods and red t-shirts. This is the kind of grassroots, DIY fundraising I can get behind:

Help a FtM get top surgery and get a rocking shirt at the same time!

Here’s the deal, via the awesome Riot Grrl Ink:

“Sam is FtM, who is in need of funds for his top surgery. His partner and him came up with the idea of the “No Titty Committee.” An online t-shirt store where all the profit would go towards the surgery. The surgery it self is $8,000. Like most Americans, Sam and his partner live a modest life style on a limited budget, with no access to the amount needed for surgery. The insurance companies don’t recognize top surgery as medically necessary, they see it as cosmetic. Sam needs the help of the queer community. Please go to and check out the shirts!

The idea for the “No Titty Committee” is for ANY FtM in need of top surgery. The idea behind it is to create your own designs and raise much needed funds. By raising funds ourselves we DO NOT have to go into debt for something that should be recognized.”

By the way, here’s my t-shirt choice:

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