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should female musicians have female back-up bands?

September 20th, 2007     by Thea Lim     Comments

Because I am hopeless at keeping up with music (this is why I am very grateful to Anna and Picks From Planet Venus) several months after everyone else, I’ve just started listening to Leslie Feist’s new album, The Reminder.

I’m particularly taken with the single “I Feel it All”, and since I like multi medias, I decided to see if I could watch the video on youtube. I found a clip of her playing the song on a bus:

This clip is cute and I love the song, but I couldn’t help but notice that all of Feist’s back-up musicians are men. There’s something kinda endearing about adult men whispering “Oooo, I feel it allll” into a mike - but I was still sad to see that there weren’t other ladies present.

Just like Alanis Morissette, Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde, Tori Amos, Gwen Stefani and other lady music heroes before her (ok, Stefani stopped being a hero once she started using East Asians to accessorise, but we’ve talked about that enough - and I’m not positive that Amos’ crew is all men), Feist appears to be the only woman in her crew.

On one extreme end, this could be a case of a member of a “marginalised” group trying to distance herself from the rest of the group so they don’t taint her rise - and maybe it’s just not right that Feist isn’t bringing other ladies up to the stage with her. But on the other end, isn’t feminism about choice, and shouldn’t female musicians be allowed to choose whoever the heck they want to play with them, without having to worry about accusations of gender treachery?

What do you think? Let me leave you with another multimedia experience: Beyonce singing Irreplaceable with her all-girl band (which, by the by, is a conscious move on her part - and yes, I know that I’ve posted this video before and I recognise that I have a problem…)

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