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small breaks are big breaks too

December 16th, 2019     by Frizz Kid     Comments

Illustration: Beena Mistry

For our fifteenth anniversary we’ve reached out to the Shameless community and asked what the magazine has meant to them. What has Shameless meant to you? Talk back to us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Read past entries in this series: Melinda Mattos, Marta Balcewicz, Manisha Claire, Jessica Balmer, Kaleigh Trace, Jean Boampong, Denise Reich, and CJ Blennerhassett.

Image credit: Frizz Kid

“Are you still doing that art stuff?”
“When did you graduate from OCAD?”
i am a failed journalism school grad
a hostile feminist writer
A few credible bylines, a
long lost nomination, and no job

i’m sorry, i have no skills
i just love doing this art stuff

message to Shameless in 2014
pre-graduation but already anticipating
this industry is on fire
i have to draw my way out

“Hi Sheila,

This is in response to the tweet you put today.
I would love to draw for Shameless.”

i sent my Tumblr art blog
the only portfolio i have

Image credit: Frizz Kid

“Wow! I LOVE your work.”

first assignment: a drawing about rice
and the Dominican Republic
second assignment: a piece about a woman’s
first time discovering porn

clumsy black and white lines
not technically proficient but earnest
looking for a home and finding one
wobbly but in kind pages

by 2017, Shameless profiled me
the failed journalist
under qualified artist
unemployment expert
managed to figure things out

thank you Shameless
i am still doing that art stuff

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