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September 3rd, 2006     by Thea Lim     Comments

If like me, instead of extreme camping or writing a 72-hour novel this weekend, you are trapped in the house with an over-excited cat, here are two websites that I lurve.

I really like Kerblog, the blog of Mazen Kerbaj, an artist and musician who lives in Beirut. It’s often difficult to 1) understand what massive political events mean on a personal level and 2) keep past crises in mind, especially after the media has stopped reporting on them and moved on to the next one. Kerblog is great for both of these, because it details the war in Lebanon from the point of view of someone living with it in their kitchen, as well as the post-war fallout, which is just as devastating but rarely well reported in the news. Kerbaj’s drawings are evocative, profound and also adorable. His work website is here.

Here is a great article by Rachel Cook of The Observer about Marc Quinn’s statue of Alison Lapper pregnant. Lapper is an English artist who was born with shortened legs and without arms. She is a woman, disabled and a single mother - all things to which we often say “oh dear” - but she makes her life into art in a way that is tear-worthy and inspiring, and all totally without being cheesy or glossing over the very real bad parts of her struggle. This is her website.

I (heart) the internet.

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