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stop the big media takeover

June 28th, 2007     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

Canadians for Democratic Media , one of several newly-formed Canadian media activist groups, has launched its Stop The Big Media Takeover campaign in an effort to curb the concentration of corporate-owned media and to promote media democracy in this country.

Canada has the highest media concentration in the industrialized world, which means that fewer companies own more and more of our news outlets. The Tyee, one of my favourite independent news sources, has a great backgrounder on the state of Canadian media, and the CBC has an updated Who Owns What page.

In September, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (the government media regulatory body) is holding hearings on media diversity. These hearings could pave the way for increased concentration and foreign ownership of our media, and the Canadians for Democratic Media have launched a campaign so that Canadians who care about these issues can speak up. Take a moment to send an email to the CRTC to let them know media diversity matters to you.

Then watch this cute and creepy video about the state of the Canadian media:

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