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Submit to Mad Pride Hamilton zine!

May 30th, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

Are you a: -mental health consumer/survivor -person with lived experience -person who has been labelled with a “mental illness” -Mad person

Do you live, work, study, use services, or spend time in Hamilton?

Submit to our Mad Pride Hamilton zine!

Advice, Artwork, Blog Posts, Comics, Emails, How You Celebrate, Letters, Lyrics, Photographs, Pictures, Poetry, Questions, Rants, Recommendations, Resources, Short Stories, Sketches, Tips, Visions, Wellness Tools, What Needs to Change, What You’re Proud Of, What You’ve Learned, What You Want to Know, Wish Lists

DEADLINE: June 15, 2013 EMAIL: PHONE: 647-931-7563

Use (part of) your name, an alias, or be anonymous. We plan to sell the zine as a fundraiser for Mad Pride Hamilton. All contributors will receive a free copy.

Share our zine Call Out on Facebook: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @MadPrideHammer

The Mad Pride Hamilton Organizing Committee is a group of consumer/survivors, people with lived experience, people in recovery, and self-identifying Mad (as in madness) people as well as our allies and supporters. It was started by Hamilton members of the Mad Students Society ( Anyone is welcome to join. We are meeting regularly to organize a Mad Pride event in Hamilton for July 2013.

Mad Pride is an opportunity for us as a people to celebrate our lives. We don’t want to celebrate the suffering we endure - but rather our strengths, skills, contributions, art, music, crafts, writing, humour, ideas, knowledge, recovery, friendships, and the Mad community we form in the city of Hamilton through the Mental Health Rights Coalition and other peer support groups and drop-ins.

If you’re interested in learning more, getting involved, joining our mailing list, attending our next meeting, or donating funds or in-kind supplies like food, space, bus tickets, or photocopying, please email us at or leave a voice-mail message at 647-931-7563 and we’ll call you back.

For further information on the philosophy, history, and events of Mad Pride Toronto (July 8-14, 2013), visit

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