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May 27th, 2013     by Team Shameless     Comments

Excited about our Justice issue featuring a first-hand account of the prison system from formerly-incarcerated G20 activist Mandy Hiscocks? More excited about the Sports issue coming out in the fall? Just want to flip to the very end to see Coco Riot’s latest comic?

Whatever you love about Shameless, you will get more of it when you subscribe or renew now!

Any one-year or two-year renewal or new subscription that Shameless receives between today and August 31st will receive an extra issue added to your subscription. This means you’ll get 4 issues for $15 if you’re a Canadian subscriber instead of the usual 3. For our American friends, this will be 4 issues for $25. Each issue of Shameless is jam-packed with all the news, views, reviews and features you can handle.

As you know, Shameless in a non-profit magazine, published on pure volunteer power, so each subscription you buy keeps Shameless publishing.

Subscribe online now and receive four beautiful, illustrated magazines delivered right to your mailbox!

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