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Swinging on a Vine: DIY Filmmaking

December 16th, 2014     by Colleen Zimmerman     Issue 27: Issue 27: The Tech Issue     Comments

Hi everyone! Movie making has never been easier. Exercise your creative muscle with Vine, the no pressure movie making app. With only six-seconds at your disposal, you can shoot from the hip or plan out the process.

Too often ideas come when you are by yourself, without any friends to help you out. Why not play around with your own shadow? Pay attention to where your camera hand is, this isn’t a bathroom selfie!

With the tap-and-shoot feature Vine is perfect for making stop motion. Words of advice: use a tripod and lots of patience. Its fun making objects move and disappear.

One of the coolest challenges is to make the perfect loop. It’s not as easy as it looks. Using the ghost feature and tripod helps but you still have to remember where you started!

Use gels for adding moody colour, lace and fabric to block some of the view or other lenses to warp your images. I hope you enjoy this entertaining new way to express yourself. Never stop creating.

Accessories can be taken from almost anywhere. A set of basic gels from your local photography store will cost about $35. Don’t want to invest in that kind of money? Coloured cellophane wrapping works just as well at a fraction of the cost. Simply cut off a manageable square and hold it in front of the camera lens to create different moods. We’ve all heard stories about filmmakers of yesteryear who used Vaseline on their cameras to create soft focus. Try this out by tightly wrapping your phone with plastic wrap and then applying a very thin layer of petroleum jelly. A friend of mine accidentally took the most creative photo of her life through a knit sweater she happened to be wearing. Effects are as plentiful as your imagination.

Here are some really cool Vine users to follow for inspiration:

Adam Goldberg Laura Pritchett Jake Holland

Have fun!

Colleen Zimmerman is a writer, actor and artist based in Toronto, Ontario. You can follow her on Vine at Adieu Coco.

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