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Ten Years of Talking Back: Evan Munday

October 28th, 2014     by Evan Munday     Comments

Illustration: Erin McPhee

In honour of our ten-year anniversary, we spoke with ten different people in the Shameless community, past and present. Today, illustrator Evan Munday shares why Shameless is important and why Shameless needs your support.

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A transcription of the video is below.

My name is Evan Munday and I am a sometime illustrator for Shameless magazine as well as a sometime donor and supporter of Shameless. Shameless is important because it presents perspectives on issues relevant to young women and trans youth that they really aren’t getting anywhere else, or not a lot of other places – especially when it started – and the magazine has a real commitment to diversity in its writers and its illustrators, and also its interview subjects. So much so that I’m a bit sheepish about being asked my thoughts on the magazine.

I’m a million years old, so I remember when they founded Shameless magazine and founders Melinda Mattos and Nicole Cohen often brought up the spectre of Sassy – but I think what Shameless does goes well beyond what Sassy was ever able to accomplish or could even dream of in its presentation of this panoply of different voices on issues that are really important to young women and trans youth all across North America. And more so than that, it does it in a really exciting, interesting and fun way, in a well-designed package.

It’s not just good for you, like All Bran or something; it is a genuinely good and fun magazine to read. This is where I first learned about Regina Spektor, where I first learned about Maylee Todd, where I first learned about Sabrina Jalees and Rae Spoon and Trey Anthony. Shameless is fantastic.

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