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Ten Years of Talking Back: Michelle Kay

November 4th, 2014     by Michelle Kay     Comments

Illustration: Erin McPhee

In honour of our ten-year anniversary, we spoke with ten different people in the Shameless community, past and present. Today, former web and features editor and friend of Shameless, Michelle Kay, shares why Shameless is important and why Shameless needs your support.

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A transcription of the video is below.

Hi, my name is Michelle Kay, and I’m the former features editor of Shameless. I’ve been involved with Shameless for about four years, and it has meant a lot to me. It’s a source of community and support and growth and education and friendship.

That’s how I see Shameless: it’s a clubhouse for youth, where youth can go and talk to their friends about problems they’re having or issues that they’re facing, and this is all stuff that they’re not seeing in mainstream media.

Shameless is 100% volunteer run and we are an independently produced website and magazine. And that’s why it’s important to get your support: because without you, there would be no clubhouse and that wouldn’t be any fun.

  • Transcribed by Vidhya Elango

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