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Ten Years of Talking Back: Raisa Bhuiyan

October 7th, 2014     by Raisa Bhuiyan     Comments

Illustration: Erin McPhee

In honour of our ten-year anniversary, we spoke with ten different people in the Shameless community, past and present. Today, writer and blogger Raisa Bhuiyan shares why Shameless is important and why Shameless needs your support.

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A transcription of the video is below the embedded file.

Hi, My name is Raisa Bhuiyan. I am an online blogger for Shameless magazine’s blog. I first came to know Shameless through getting published in their 2011 women in technology issue, on a piece about reality TV. Since then it’s been such a nurturing, affirmative, soul-empowering space for me to be in, to the point where I have stayed and kept writing for them for three years, and I want to do many more years, because it’s such a great space to really come into your own voice and really learn what your own voice is as a writer. This is why I think it’s really important for youth, especially feminist youth like me, to really get that space to learn who your voice as a writer is. So please, if you can, support Shameless magazine whichever way you can, because they deserve to be around for many, many more years, and they’re a huge resource to the Toronto community. Thank you. Bye!

  • Transcribed by Adriana Bell

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