The 2021 Talking Back Feminist Media Conference: Callout for Breaktime Activities and Volunteers!

February 17th, 2021     by Team Shameless     Comments

Illustration: Saul Freedman-Lawson

Shameless is thrilled to announce we will host the our second annual Talking Back Feminist Media Conference online on March 13-14, 2021. This conference is funded by the Toronto Arts Council. The conference theme is Feminist Media as Social Justice. This will be a space to collaborate, co-create, imagine, celebrate, scheme and dream about the radical potential of feminist media as it relates to building a better, more just world.

This year, we’re going virtual! We are hoping that this shift in format allows new presenters and audiences to access and contribute to the conversations in exciting ways.

Check out the session descriptions and buy your tickets!!


Some of the best parts of a conference are those times between sessions, when new ideas and inspirations bubble over and great connections are made. Although there are a lot of perks to holding a conference online - people from all over can attend! - we don’t want to miss out on those opportunities to connect between sessions.

Run a breaktime activity!
This is where YOU come in! We are looking for short activities - ten minutes or so - that our attendees can engage in between sessions.

Make it accessible and participatory
We are looking for text-based activities so that all attendees can join in, including those who will be using live captioning or ASL interpretation to participate in the conference sessions. Our captioner and interpreters need breaks, too, so they will be unavailable during the break times. We will have a conference Slack open throughout the weekend - this would be a great place to run your activity.

What kinds of activities might fit?
Themed conversation prompts, text-based games, trivia, photo challenges, playlists, short videos (check for captioning options), guided meditation … or any other fun activity we haven’t thought of! Feel free to leverage other apps, as long as they are widely available, free to use and text-based or with captions.

Please send your activity ideas to by Wednesday, March 3. All volunteer activity leaders will receive free admission to the conference on the day of your activity.


We are currently seeking volunteers for support roles. As a thank-you for their time, all volunteers will receive free admission to the rest of the conference.

Please get in touch with if you are interested in volunteering. Let us know your availability and your comfort level with Zoom, but don’t worry - we can run through the tech stuff ahead of time!

This callout will remain open until we have filled the roles for all sessions. Check out the session descriptions here.

Role: Social media support
Time Commitment: One or more sessions (1 hour each)
Description: Live-tweeting and engaging with conference attendees and the Shameless community via the Shameless Twitter

Role: Session support
Time Commitment: One or more sessions (1 hour each, plus 15 minutes of tech check time)
- Letting participants in to the session
- Opening the session and introducing the speaker(s)
- Engaging in the Zoom chat if attendees should need tech support or have concerns
- Monitoring the time and providing time checks to the presenter(s)

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