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The Cone

September 19th, 2008     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

I love Come As You Are. For my money they’re one of the best sex shops out there. (Also a nod to Good For Her of course – in part because of their fabulous name.)

It’s at the Come As You Are website (sometimes abstinence-only posters just make you want to shop for sex toys) that I came across this:

“Whassat” you say? Well, I’m glad you asked. That, friends, is The Cone. It’s a vibrator. And “unlike most other toys, it’s not based on a man’s bits.”

I have nothing against a man’s bits (not right now anyways badum-ching!), but you have to admit that The Cone doesn’t look like all the other sex toys on the shelf. Sex toys have a(n unnecessary) tendency to look like more of the same – an occasionally unsettling combination of glittering purple peni replica with rabbits/dolphins/muskrats attached…

The incredibly positive reviews of The Cone might be unbelievable if they weren’t coming from every direction (hehe). See Come As You Are’s compelling description:

“Words like radical and genius get thrown around a lot in the sex toy biz. All too often those words are used for toys that do nothing more than reinvent an already very fun wheel. But those words, along with “freakin’ unbelievable”, “best orgasm ever!” and “I’m not giving this back!” were used by our toy testers when they first tried The Cone.”

$130 worth of compelling? Maybe. For $130, it better be the pinnacle of technology. Pinnacle, get it? Cuz it’s pointy? (I need more caffeine.) It can be expensive building up your sex toy treasure chest. But, as Visa would say: Cost of sex toy? $130. Possibilities? Priceless.*

If you’re a minor and sex shops aren’t open to you yet, this is a reason for me to be jealous of you. Because products like this are so far ahead of what was available, 10, 5, even 2 years ago. By your ‘of-age’ birthday, the options available are going to be just that much better again – designed around what women actually find pleasurable, versatile, anatomically-compatible. This product alone is a testament to how they’re working out(/in) the kinks (again I say “hehe”). You lucky devils.

*Let it be known that I’m just putting options out there. Still so many ways to ‘find your bliss’ for $0 down… make up a new one today!

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