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The Devil wears ... a little brown dress?

July 2nd, 2006     by Sarah Roger     Comments

Tired of all the fashionista talk? Check out Alex Martin’s year-long art project, where she wore the same home-made dress for a year.

About her project, Martin explains, “In this performance, I intend to reject our sweat-shop-supporting economy of over-consumption, and the bill of goods that has been sold, especially to women, about what makes a person good, attractive and interesting. Clothes are certainly part of this image, and the expectation is immense. The economic resources required to regularly purchase newly-manufactured clothing in retail stores are staggering a hundred dollars for one new shirt?”

If you fancy following in Martin’s footsteps, you can make your own little brown dress–the pattern is featured on her website. Those who are less crafty can join the Grey Sweatsuit Revolution, another project that challenges our slavery to fashion.

Tags: arts, body politics

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