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The End Of You

June 28th, 2006     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

Sad music news today: Sleater-Kinney are calling it quits after their summer tour, which sadly has no Canadian dates. The story, on Pitchfork, rightly calls the band “America’s greatest rock band.” I couldn’t agree more.

Though the band’s style and politics evolved over the 11 years they played together – they started out steeped in the sounds of Riot Grrrl and kept evolving and changing to sound like nothing else, taking on George W. Bush and his war along the way – Sleater-Kinney will be remembered as the definitive indie rock girl band of our generation. This despite the fact in interviews the women insisted that they were just a band (not a girl band), which brought up interesting discussions of gender nonetheless, discussions that rarely surface during interviews with male musicians.

Sleater-Kinney played an important role in shaping my feminist politics, so their ending makes me very sad. So long SK, thanks for all the music and for fuelling my rockstar dreams. Sleater-Kinney listening party, anyone?

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