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December 5th, 2008     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

Just when the holidays start to roll in and en masse we begin to feel like we’re rushing too much or “falling behind” the holiday bonanza (3 knitted hats down, 2 to go!!) , Embloggery has a way of saying “slow down”.

Blogger Nicole started Embloggery as a way to “to examine the implications of the fact that we now have the ability to disseminate widely something written very quickly, to a potentially very large audience”. Her blog is made of embroidered “posts” she completed throughout her day. These posts, she says, force her to think about what to include, how long they should/can be, and what the shortest words to use might be.

I love Embloggery because it implicates the role of craft, an older-school technology, with the zip-zip-zip of the interweb. The internet is the best marketing and promotional tool for independent crafters who want to share their work with the world. But the instantaneous “uploading” to blogs and crafster, as well as the seamless store-fronts of Etsy, can sometimes be a little-too all consuming and often a distraction from the physical action of crafting. I’m excited to see the evolution of Nicole’s embroidered posts as they allow us, for just one second, to remember the power of handmade.

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