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The First Edition of Pro-Choice Carnival

January 2nd, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

The first edition of the Pro-Choice Carnival is up at Abortion is a Woman’s Right. “This Carnival aims to highlight some of the best writing on the theme of a woman’s right to choose, and will be published every other month. Contributions can be new or old, long or short, written by women or men, feminists or non-feminists, just as long as the writing comes from a firm belief that access to safe, legal abortion is every woman’s basic human right.” An excellent compendium of current online writing from the pro-choice movement.

Of particular interest is a posting on the use of different words and terms in the abortion debate titled “Pro-Choice/Pro-Life, Anti-Life/Anti-Choice.” I have often used the term “anti-choice” to describe the pro-life movement, but this post made me rethink my use of the terminology. Sazz explains that “the interactions between the two groups does not need this additional hostility. Furthermore I don’t know that one can argue pro-life advocates are any more anti-choice than pro-choice are anti-life.”

Also, an interesting post at Viva La Feminista titled “Does Abortion Belong in a Love Story?” offering an alternate plot line to movies like Knocked Up and Juno, a fave discussion here at Shameless Blog.

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