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The vagina with teeth

April 11th, 2007     by Zoe Cormier     Comments

So we’ve had a lot of fun in the past debating the merits of pink tasers, pepper spray, and a good old fashioned kick in the balls as rape deterrents.

Now a South African inventor, Sonette Ehlers, has given us another way to exact revenge upon our assaulters: Rapex, the toothed condom.

anti rape condom

It’s a bit like a female condom - except the inside is lined with 25 sharp spikes that latch onto any penis that attempts penetration. Not only will it hurt the rapist probably worse than anything he’s ever felt in his life - he won’t be able to get it off without an embarrassing (and incriminating) visit to the hospital. And better yet, it should only cost around 20 cents.

According to this South African news piece:

“The United Nations says South Africa has the world’s highest per capita rate of reported rapes - 119 per 100,000 people. Analysts say the total, including unreported rapes, could be nine times higher.

Ms Ehlers sees her invention as particularly attractive to poorer black women, because they often walk long distances through unsafe areas to and from work. She foresees women inserting the device as part of a daily security routine.”

Already the device has drawn criticism. First, because it doesn’t stop the rapist from hurting you in any other way (and will most certainly make him angrier and more violent). And second, for putting the onus on women to prevent rape (as opposed to society at large, and men in particular).

The first criticism is valid.

But my response to the second? PSHT. Please. The onus has been on women to protect themselves for a hundred thousand years, and things show little sign of changing. Why wait for the world to change when you can walk around with an iron maiden between your legs?

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