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This is one icy cat

October 10th, 2008     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

I know that it is out of my usual content to post this, but I couldn’t resist. I was out running an errand for work this morning when I ended up stuck behind this beauty of a trailer waiting to make a left turn at a light.

I don’t even know where to start with what’s wrong with this. First, I didn’t ask to see this! Where is my permission slip and admission form to be granted the gracious opportunity to be shown such blatant acts of sexism and oppression in a public space!? I understand that these images are often left to calendars that grace shop walls, but who gave them the right to blow it up onto their trailer to not only sell more Arctic Cats, but to show how much they love “hot ladies”? Oh yeah! I forgot! The patriarch!

Other areas of disappointment and contention include how they’re obviously posed (there’s no “oops, we’re naturally like this” position), they’re wearing wet suits on winter vehicles, and they’re posed from behind. So all they are determined to be is, literally, a pair of hott ass.

end rant

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