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Tips for lady tube riders

November 14th, 2005     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

Check out Guardian writer Zoe Williams’ take on the London Underground’s leaflet, Tube* Tips For Women, in the paper’s weekend magazine.

Williams tears into the silly, patronizing government-issued tips, which include doozies like this one: “Things like twisted ankles can be a real pain so mind your step - especially if you’re wearing your party shoes.”

In Shameless’ Fall issue, Jennifer Goldberg wrote about the Tokyo Metropolitan Subway in Japan, which now offers women-only cars to try put a stop to the subway’s chronic groping problem. It’s one thing to offer safe spaces for women, she argues, but to decorate the cars in pink is irritating and insulting, just like many of the Tube Tips for women. Good thing Williams can make us laugh about it.

  • The subway system in London is nicknamed The Tube.

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