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Torontoist Weighs in On Canadian Club’s “Retro-Chuavinism”

May 8th, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Torontoist’s Johnnie Walker has a great piece on the Canadian Club campaign and its obvious homophobic overtones:

It’s also hard not to view the campaign as somewhat homophobic. The “YOUR DAD WAS NOT A METROSEXUAL” ad seems to basically say, “your Dad wasn’t a gay, but you probably are if you don’t buy Canadian Club.” Guess what, Canadian Club? Most of our Dads aren’t gay. This is not news. One would hope that our Dads’ likely heterosexuality is not the most interesting thing about them.

The comments section is packed with your usual “calm down” and “relax, it’s only an ad” offerings, but also some fantastic spoofs, like this one.

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