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Two weeks of free stuff for new Hall of Shameless members

July 11th, 2012     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

For the next two weeks Shameless is offering cool, free stuff for new Hall of Shameless members!

Join the team of champs who help fund the independent, feisty, feminist magazine that gives teen girls and trans youth space to speak up and talk back. Give us a few dollars a month and we’ll keep giving you a fresh alternative to typical teen magazines.

As you know, Shameless is published by a dedicated (and awesome) community of volunteer writers, activists, artists and editors. We have no corporate sponsorship and don’t qualify for Canadian publishing grants. We thrive on community love, labour, and support. For a small monthly donation, you can help us pay our bills and help us work toward our goal of paying our volunteer staff and contributors.

All Hall of Shameless members receive an ongoing subscription to Shameless, free entry to all of our events, and other fun things.

ALSO: for new members, we have PRESENTS! Join as a Shameless Rookie ($5/month) and receive two back issues of your choice. Join as a Shameless Pro ($10/month) and get your choice of a sweatshop-free Shameless tote bag or a copy of our book, She’s Shameless: Women Write About Growing Up, Rocking Out and Fighting Back. Join as a Shameless Champ, Team Captain, or MVP and we’ll send you back issues, a book, and a tote to carry it all in! Join now and help Shameless keep talking back (this offer lasts until July 25).

You can also join the campaign on Facebook to help us spread the word.

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